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MINDSPRINT wins Outstanding Agriculture Technology Solutions Provider at the Africa Agribusiness Excellence Award 2023

MINDSPRINT, a global leader in digital solutions and services, has been recognized as the "Outstanding African Agribusiness Agriculture Technology Solutions Company of the Year" at the Africa Agribusiness Excellence and Leadership Awards 2023, for its innovative contributions to the agriculture sector. The award recognises and rewards organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the African agribusiness value chain, food systems, and agro-industry ecosystems. 


MINDSPRINT's suite of award-winning solutions and offerings is revolutionizing the agricultural landscape by tackling critical challenges in the supply chain. MINDSPRINT’s flagship platform, Digital Direct, reinvents the way farms and farmers interact by digitizing processes such as data gathering, recording, and analysis. With traceability and sustainability solutions that empower global organizations to track agricultural produce from farm to table. These solutions are used to effectively track commodities at origin, aligned to UN Social Developmental Goals, and ensures compliance with regulations such as the European Union Deforestation Regulation. The award is a testament for MINDSPRINT's two-decades of technology and domain expertise as the digital transformation partner for a $40 billion agri-commodity trader and establishes itself as a leader in digital innovation to solve global challenges in vital sectors such as agriculture.




Dharmender Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer of MINDSPRINT, said, “We are honoured to be acknowledged for our dedication to driving positive change in the agriculture sector. Our innovation stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to building sustainable and efficient solutions that directly enhance the livelihoods of farmers. We firmly believe that our deep-domain expertise in digital transformation will bring in the necessary change and contribute to the thriving agriculture landscape in markets like Africa and beyond. Digital innovation is key to addressing the challenges in the agriculture sector. Our solutions not only enhance traceability and sustainability but also empower farmers with precise information for better decision-making. We're excited about the positive impact our technology is making in the lives of farmers across Africa."


Digital Direct platform has benefited over 300,000 farmers, supported nearly 100 sustainability programs, and facilitated the procurement of over 250,000 metric tons of crop produce. By eliminating intermediaries, the solution has resulted in approximately 45% additional savings for farmers.


MINDSPRINT's commitment to digital innovation extends to its Digital Warehouse App, a paperless warehousing solution that manages over 1,000 warehouses with fully digitized operations. This solution enhances control and visibility in agricultural stock, minimizing unexpected value loss and streamlining the stock-handover process, ultimately benefiting farmers' income cycles. Furthermore, their precision agriculture solution leverages satellite imagery and IoT technology to provide real-time insights on land and crop management, enabling farmers to maximize their yield. 

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About Africa Agribusiness Excellence and Leadership Award


The Africa Agribusiness Excellence and Leadership Awards, organized by the Chamber of Agribusiness, Ghana (CAG), recognize and reward outstanding contributions to the African agribusiness value chain, food systems, and agro-industry ecosystems. The awards celebrate individuals, agribusinesses, and institutions driving growth in the sector. CAG, as the apex body of agriculture and agribusiness players in Ghana, advocates for a comprehensive national agricultural and agribusiness sector policy. It supports enterprises of all sizes through advocacy, information, training, and advisory services, working for the development of its associated members.