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Businesses are sprinting towards a future very different from the one they imagined they would operate in. Speed of change is transforming the way we conduct business, how we engage with our customers and how we make and distribute products.


We are Mindsprint.


Previously known as Olam Technology and Business Services (OTBS), we are a leading edge technology and business services firm that provides impact driven solutions to businesses, enabling them outpace speed of change.


We are powered by deep industry knowledge and a distinctive partnership approach. We have a unique portfolio with a legacy of proven success stories of transformation across the entire spectrum of digital transformation, supply chains, and business operations.



We sprint into mindful possibilities.

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Our impact stories

We give momentum to ideas. Here is a gallery of our work and the lasting impact we create.

Digital Transformation | Cloud- Native Application


Integrated digital platform for global agri giant: Reinvents first-mile sourcing and improves traceability

Digital Transformation | Cloud- Native Application


Direct engagement platform for farmers: Enabling traceability and transparency

Our promise

To pioneer digital transformation and drive superior customer outcomes with precise solutions.


We are a value-driven firm with a culture that holds partnership as the foundation of our decisions and interactions. We work with you along with our 2000 technology and business service professionals to deliver superior outcomes. 

Entrepreneurial team

Investment in
leading technology

Partnership approach

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Our expertise that drives us to transform the future

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Sustainability and traceability

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Re-imagining global supply chains

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Seamless customer experience

Sprint ahead with us!


Bright minds thrive on opportunities and unconstrained thinking. Mindsprint is a place where you will find both in plenty.


Sounds exciting? Join the Mindsprint team

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Success Spotlight
Data Analytics Award with NASA-Powered AI


Data Analytics Award with NASA-Powered AI


Best Use Case of Data Analytics of the Year 2023 at the Middle East AI & Analytics Conference in Doha.

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Mindsprint bags Silver Award in the category of Change Management from Shared Services & Outsourcing Network(SSON), Asia level.

Africa agribusiness award


The Africa Agribusiness Excellence and Leadership Awards


MINDSPRINT wins Outstanding Agriculture Technology Solutions Provider at the Africa Agribusiness Excellence Award 2023

Dubai's Best Use Case Award for Mindsprint


6th Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit UAE Edition


Mindsprint wins Best Use Case for Data & Analytics in Middle East Data Analytics Summit – Dubai 

Mindsprint great place to work on group image


Great Place To Work


Mindsprint is now a GREAT PLACE TO WORK

Akshay Patra's certificate for Mindsprint


800 Children say Thank you! Mindsprint


Mindsprint in action: Making an impact, creating a smile, one meal at a time. 

CIO award for Olam


CIO of the Year


Recognized for transforming and disrupting the agricultural supply chain.

Innovative people award


Innovative People Practices award by Shared Services Forum, India


We have been recognized with three prestigious awards for Process Excellence, Best Innovation Adoption & Best Automation Adoption at the 8th Edition of the Shared Services Summit & Awards held on 26th August, conceptualized and curated by UBS FORUMS.

Economic Times Award for Olam


Economic Times Best Organizations for Women


It is truly the resilience and innovation spirit of our super talented women power that drive our gender diversity practices.

USB award


UBS Forum, Hattrick Win


We have been recognized with three prestigious awards for Process Excellence, Best Innovation Adoption & Best Automation Adoption by UBS FORUMS.

Samman patra award for Mindsprint


Samman Patra


We have been conferred with the reputed “Samman Patra Award” by the Government of India, Department of Goods and Service Tax, Tamil Nadu State.

Innovation Award


Service and Solution Category, International Innovation Awards


Annual regional awards recognising outstanding innovations in the categories of Product, Service and Solution, and Organisation and Culture with the goal to encourage organisations to continue investing in innovation.

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If you are looking for any business or technology solutions, we are here for you. 

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