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Mindsprint Receives SAP’s Outstanding Innovation Partner Award in Southeast Asia


MINDSPRINT, a leading technology provider that continuously innovates purpose-built digital and business services solutions, enabling global enterprises to be future-ready, today announced that it has been honored with the Outstanding Innovation Partner Award for Southeast Asia by SAP. This prestigious award recognizes MINDSPRINT's exceptional ability to drive innovation through years of deep industry expertise and a steadfast commitment to excellence.


Nitesh Mirchandani, Chief Business Officer of MINDSPRINT, said, “SAP is a critical partner in our ecosystem strategy. Over the past two decades, we have implemented SAP in over 65+ countries, unlocking the power of ease of doing business for our customers. With this recognition, we are proud to solidify our commitment to our customers and ecosystem partners, promising growth and impact."



The award highlights MINDSPRINT's dedication to addressing intricate customer challenges and its substantial influence on technological progress. By prioritizing the integration of a wide array of supply chain solutions, including both third-party and in-house options, MINDSPRINT ensures a smooth flow of operations. MINDSPRINT's deep comprehension and utilization of Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring tools support efficient data collection and analysis. By delivering personalized solutions and showcasing adaptability in tailoring our implementation strategies to meet specific client requirements. This customized approach enables us to address unique business needs effectively and efficiently.


MINDSPRINT empowers businesses in the food and agribusiness, retail and CPG, manufacturing, life sciences, and other industries through seamless SAP integration. MINDSPRINT builds fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. In addition to traditional finance and inventory modules, MINDSPRINT's implementations include advanced features such as mobile apps for weighbridge goods tracking, automated data collection in smart factories, and mobile tools for remote procurement and inventory management. It also prioritizes real-time monitoring, data dashboards, and continued support post-implementation.