Cybersecurity &
privacy services


We are a trusted partner in cybersecurity and privacy, protecting digital assets with industry experts, evolved processes and controls, and cutting-edge security solutions.


Security advisory

We provide guidance and support at an organizational level on handling security services and developing a future roadmap.

CISO(Chief Information Security Officer) as a service

  • Security strategy and roadmap
  • Security frameworks
  • Policies and procedures

Maturity assessments

  • Customized framework
  • Benchmarking
  • Roadmap to improve maturity

Risk assessment

  • Inherent and residual risks
  • Risk prioritization
  • Risk mitigation

Sensitive data mapping

  • Data inventorization framework
  • Data flows
  • Monitoring and protection

Metrics and reporting

  • Strategic and operational KPIs
  • Reporting framework
  • Dashboards


Technical assessment

We identify, quantify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in security processes and systems, and suggest mitigation solutions for potential security weaknesses.

Web app security

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST),  Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) testing
  • Commercial and open-source tools and scripts
  • Manual false positives elimination

Vulnerability Assessments

  • Infrastructure scan for vulnerabilities
  • Curated reports

External penetration testing

  • Internet-facing assets testing (Blackbox)
  • Exposed infrastructure and application testing

Compromise assessment

  • Unauthorized access/malicious activity identification

Breach attack simulation

  • Attack scenarios simulation
  • Security architecture effectiveness assessment


Security management and monitoring

We offer 24/7 monitoring, actively detecting and responding to potential threats and vulnerability to provide a secure environment.

24/7 managed detection and response service

  • Access to OEM platforms and threat intel sources
  • Automation using Security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) playbooks
  • Custom rule and parser development

Zero trust assessment and implementation

  • Readiness assessment and prioritization of users, applications, and regions
  • Working with multiple OEM products
  • Design, deployment, and management of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) solutions

Factory security

  • Maturity assessment and controls prioritization
  • Industry-standard frameworks
  • Implementation and monitoring of factory security controls

Identity and access management

  • Design and setup of Single Sign On (SSO) solutions
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution deployment and operations
  • Remote access and conditional access solutions deployment

Security tools management

  • Endpoints, mobile network, and cloud security tool deployment
  • Working with multiple OEM products
  • Global deployments and support


Privacy management

We implement measures and controls to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and support with privacy audits.

Privacy impact assessment

  • Understanding applicable regulations
  • Assessment of personal data collection, storage, usage, and transfer
  • Risks mitigation plan

Privacy management system

  • Customized privacy framework and program development
  • PIA, data mapping, and incident management processes
  • Governance model for regulatory changes

Data protection audits

  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Remediation of gaps
  • Monitoring governance model development

Privacy consulting services

  • Privacy maturity and gap assessment
  • Recommendation based on applicable privacy regulations
  • Guidance on cross-border data transfer, transfer impact assessments, data processing agreements

Training and awareness

  • End users inclusive training
  • Custom training for privacy users and business users handling Personal Identifiable Information
  • Content development 


Governance and compliance

We provide support with establishing policies, procedures, and controls to ensure the organization’s digital assets' security and obtaining necessary certifications and standards.

ISO 27001

  • Develop a holistic Infosec management system
  • Implement policies, processes, and controls
  • Consistent and reliable certification

SOC 1 attestations

  • Internal control system evaluation
  • Gap assessment and remediation management
  • Type 1 attestation guide

SOC 2 attestations

  • Scope identification
  • Effective monitoring and maintenance of controls
  • Type 2 attestation guide

PCI DSS assessment

  • Assessment of secure storage and transmission of cardholder data
  • Gap remediation
  • Certification guide

Sector specific compliance services

  • Regulatory compliance requirement
  • Gap assessment and recommendation


Blockchain and cloud security services

We provide support with processes, tools, and technologies to protect cloud-based systems – data, applications, and infrastructure

Smart contract security

  • Smart contracts auditing and testing
  • Static and dynamic analysis

Blockchain security audits

  • Blockchain design Assessment
  • Security infrastructure analysis

Cloud protection

  • Cloud-native and third-party protection solutions
  • Multi-cloud security capability

Cloud security monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of cloud environments
  • Identity overprovisioning assessment

Cloud security assessments

  • Cloud environment assessment
  • Fit-for-purpose cloud security architecture design

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