Impact Story


Transforming Freight Management


Customer’s current methods for consolidating and managing freight metrics are largely manual, necessitating a more streamlined approach. The customer faced challenges in efficiently handling container booking requests and lacked a robust system for visualizing and reporting freight metrics, which hindered transparency and decision-making processes.


MINDSPRINT introduced a comprehensive web platform that seamlessly tracks, visualizes, and reports market freight rates alongside shipment volume data. This platform includes an automated booking workflow module, ensuring efficient tracking of container booking requests. It offers a consolidated view of shipment plans and carrier quotations, empowering the logistics team to make informed decisions and enhance planning processes.

The impact

Empowering the customer to efficiently manage and visualize freight metrics across 40+ destination countries, significantly enhancing their global logistics operations.

Efficiently manage and configure over 90+ ports of destination, streamlining customer’s international shipping operations.

Facilitated the efficient handling of around 100 booking requests per month, optimizing the customer's container booking process.

Streamlined the management of outbound shipments from another country, enhancing the customer's logistics efficiency and reach.

Getting into the details

Our customer is a global player in supplying ingredients to food & beverage manufacturers. In this industry, freight management becomes one of the crucial tasks to fulfil the demand at the right time and right cost. To do this, our customer wanted to set up a one stop shop for freight metrics, enabling data driven decision making so that they can optimize the overall process.

How MINDSPRINT Enhanced Efficiency, Transparency, and Decision-Making for the Customer

MINDSPRINT implemented a comprehensive web platform designed to address customer challenges. The platform integrated several key functionalities:

01 Automated Booking Workflow
  • Efficiency in Handling Requests: The automated booking workflow module ensured that container booking requests were tracked efficiently, reducing manual effort and the potential for errors.
  • Volume Management: The system handled up to 100 booking requests per month, significantly streamlining the booking process and freeing up valuable time for the logistics team.
02 Visualization and Reporting
  • Freight Metrics: The platform provided robust tools for visualizing and reporting freight metrics, offering quick key insights into market freight rates and shipment volume data.
  • Transparency: Enhanced transparency in freight metrics allowed for better tracking and reporting, leading to improved decision-making processes.
03 Comprehensive Coverage
  • Global Reach: The solution covered over 40 destination countries and configured over 90 ports of destination, enabling the customer to manage a vast and complex logistics network with ease.
  • Outbound Shipments: Specifically, the platform streamlined the management of outbound shipments from another country, which was a critical aspect of the customer’s operations.
04 Consolidated View and Decision Support
  • Shipment Plans and Carrier Quotations: By providing a consolidated view of shipment plans and carrier quotations, the platform empowered the logistics team to make informed decisions, enhancing planning processes and operational efficiency.
  • Informed Decisions: The consolidated data and insights allowed for better negotiation with carriers, and cost-saving opportunities.

Impact on Customer Operations


The implementation of MINDSPRINT's solution brought about significant improvements in the customer's logistics operations:


  • Operational Efficiency: Automation of the booking workflow reduced manual workload and errors, leading to more efficient and reliable operations.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The ability to visualize and report on freight metrics provided the customer with the insights needed to optimize their logistics processes.
  • Global Management: With the capability to manage shipments to 40+ countries and 90+ ports, the customer was able to expand their operational reach and manage a global logistics network more effectively.
  • Focus on Key Markets: Improved management of outbound shipments from another country allowed the customer to focus on critical markets, ensuring smoother and more reliable logistics operations.    

Overall, MINDSPRINT's solution delivered a transformative impact, enhancing the customer’s logistics efficiency, transparency, and decision-making capabilities, thereby driving significant operational improvements and business growth.

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