Impact Story


Revolutionizing User Experience: MINDSPRINT's AEMaaS Solution


A customer faced significant challenges with their website's user experience due to poor performance and low-quality content. Users experienced slow load times, outdated or irrelevant information, and a confusing navigation system, leading to frustration and reduced engagement. Additionally, the process of managing and updating content was cumbersome and inefficient, requiring significant time and effort from the IT team. This inefficiency hampered the customer’s ability to keep the website current and responsive to user needs.


MINDSPRINT addressed these issues by upgrading the customer's site to Adobe Experience Manager-as-a-Cloud Service (AEMaaCS). This SaaS solution provided a robust platform for managing and viewing content and assets with enhanced performance stability. By eliminating the need for a dedicated technical IT team to update content, MINDSPRINT streamlined the content management process, making it more intuitive and less time-consuming. Furthermore, the integration of advanced analytics and ongoing post-implementation support ensured continuous improvement in user experience and adaptability, helping the customer maintain a high-quality, responsive website that meets user expectations.

The impact

Reduced the time to production for new content updates to just four weeks, enhancing the website's responsiveness and agility.

Ensured zero downtime for the customer's website, providing a high-performing and user-friendly platform that consistently delivered uninterrupted service to users.

Greater cost effectiveness for the customer, optimizing resource utilization and reducing operational expenses associated with website maintenance and content updates.

Getting into the details

The client is a global $11B company, has widespread operations across 60+ countries. Their business operations involve sourcing, processing, and distributing food ingredients and agricultural commodities to a wide customer base.

Holistic Resolution: Transforming User Experience with AEMaaS

01 Platform Upgrade


MINDSPRINT recognized the need to address the sub-optimal user experience and slow performance of the customer's website. To resolve this, they recommended upgrading the existing site to Adobe Experience Manager-as-a-Cloud Service (AEMaaS), a modern and scalable platform known for its performance and reliability.

02 SaaS Implementation


By migrating to AEMaaS, MINDSPRINT transformed the content management process into a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This eliminated the necessity for a dedicated technical IT team to handle content updates, reducing the complexity and time required for managing and updating content.

03 Performance Enhancement


The transition to AEMaaS significantly improved website performance and stability. Users experienced faster load times and smoother navigation, resulting in a more satisfying browsing experience. This enhancement not only addressed the existing performance issues but also ensured zero downtime, guaranteeing continuous accessibility for users.

04 Streamlined Content Management


MINDSPRINT simplified the content management process by implementing intuitive tools within the AEMaaS platform. Content creators and editors could now efficiently manage and update content without extensive technical knowledge or assistance, reducing the time to production for new updates to approximately four weeks.

05 Analytics and Support


MINDSPRINT provided comprehensive analytics capabilities and post-implementation support to ensure continuous improvement of the user experience. By analyzing user behavior and feedback, they identified areas for enhancement and optimization, enabling the customer to adapt and evolve their website to meet changing user needs effectively.

06 Cost Optimization


Through the adoption of AEMaaS and the streamlining of content management processes, MINDSPRINT enabled the customer to achieve greater cost effectiveness. The reduction in technical overhead and operational expenses associated with website maintenance resulted in optimized resource utilization and lower overall costs.

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