Impact Story


Streamlining Marketing Operations and Enhancing Customer Experience


The customer faced significant challenges due to fragmented marketing operations and a disjointed technology stack, which led to operational inefficiencies and an inconsistent, non-differentiated experience for their customers. Additionally, the absence of a data-driven mechanism for tracking campaign performance hindered their ability to measure and optimize marketing efforts. These issues resulted in wasted resources, missed opportunities for customer engagement, and an inability to tailor marketing efforts to specific customer segments effectively.


MINDSPRINT addressed these challenges by instituting a comprehensive marketing platform leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud suite of products, deployed on AMS Cloud. This solution enabled robust customer segmentation, targeting, and remarketing through advanced campaign lead scoring. By integrating the platform with Mailchimp and other email clients, MINDSPRINT streamlined the marketing processes, ensuring consistent and personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints. This integration provided a seamless, data-driven approach to track and analyze campaign performance, allowing the customer to refine their marketing strategies continuously. As a result, the customer achieved greater operational efficiency, enhanced customer engagement, and a more cohesive and effective marketing strategy.

The impact

MINDSPRINT's comprehensive marketing platform resulted in a 5x increase in site traffic.

Led to an increase of 16,000 unique visitors per month.

Led to a reduction of 25,000 in bounce rate.

Resulted in a 15% increase in the open rate on email marketing campaigns.

Getting into the details

The client is a global $11B company, has widespread operations across 60+ countries. Their business operations involve sourcing, processing, and distributing food ingredients and agricultural commodities to a wide customer base.

Revolutionizing Marketing Operations:

01 Unified Marketing Operations


MINDSPRINT streamlined the customer's fragmented marketing operations and technology stack by instituting a comprehensive marketing platform leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud products, leading to greater operational efficiency.

02 Enhanced Customer Experience


Through targeted segmentation and remarketing enabled by the new platform, MINDSPRINT ensured a consistent and differentiated experience for customers, driving engagement and loyalty.

03 Data-Driven Performance Tracking


By integrating the platform with email clients like Mailchimp, MINDSPRINT provided the customer with a data-driven mechanism for tracking campaign performance, allowing for continuous optimization and improvement.

04 Increased Site Traffic


The implementation of MINDSPRINT's solution resulted in a remarkable 5x increase in site traffic, indicating improved brand visibility and customer interest.

05 Expansion of Audience Reach


With a significant increase of 16,000 unique visitors per month, MINDSPRINT's solution effectively expanded the customer's audience reach and market presence.

06 Reduced Bounce Rate


MINDSPRINT's efforts led to a substantial reduction of 25,000 in the bounce rate, indicating improved engagement and relevance of the customer's online content.

07 Improved Email Engagement


The open rate on email marketing campaigns saw a notable 15% increase, demonstrating the effectiveness of MINDSPRINT's targeted segmentation and personalized messaging.

Overall, MINDSPRINT's intervention not only addressed the customer's initial challenges but also significantly improved their marketing effectiveness, customer engagement, and online presence.

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