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Revolutionizing Customer Relationship Management


The global food ingredient supplier faced significant challenges due to the suboptimal implementation of their current CRM platform. Critical features were under-utilized, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities in customer relationship management. Sales staff spent an excessive amount of time on administrative and manual processes, detracting from their core sales activities. Additionally, the lack of real-time visibility into customer interactions hindered the ability to promptly address customer needs and optimize sales strategies, impacting overall business performance.


MINDSPRINT addressed these issues by implementing Salesforce as a comprehensive, one-stop solution. This included the deployment of Sales Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud with CRM Analytics, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), and Experience Cloud. The rollout of CPQ significantly expedited quote processing and turnaround times, resolving product bundling and compatibility issues. Integration with Snowflake and existing ERP systems provided a holistic view of customer interactions (Customer 360), enhancing data tracking and management for new product development. This encompassed critical aspects such as recipe management, allergen tracking, sampling, regulatory compliance, and packaging specifications. The streamlined processes and improved data visibility empowered the sales team to focus more on strategic initiatives, ultimately driving efficiency and growth for the company.

The impact

The implementation resulted in a 40% reduction in time spent on admin work for sales staff.

The integration led to increased pull revenue due to cross-selling/upselling opportunities and operational efficiencies

The implementation resulted in improved business metrics, including enhanced customer satisfaction and increased accuracy of account forecasting.

Getting into the details

The customer is a global $11B company, has widespread operations across 60+ countries. Their business operations involve sourcing, processing, and distributing food ingredients and agricultural commodities to a wide customer base.

MINDSPRINT's Salesforce Integration for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth

01 Enhanced CRM Utilization
  • Replaced below-par CRM implementation with Salesforce, maximizing utilization of critical features.
  • Provided a comprehensive solution with Sales Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, CRM Analytics, CPQ, and Experience Cloud.
02 Increased Sales Team Efficiency
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks by 40%, allowing sales staff to focus on core sales activities.
  • Streamlined quote processing and turnaround times with the rollout of CPQ, resolving product bundling and compatibility issues.
03 Improved Data Visibility and Management
  • Integrated Salesforce with Snowflake and existing ERPs, facilitating a 360-degree view of customer interactions.
  • Enhanced data tracking and management for new product development, including recipe management, allergen tracking, and regulatory compliance.
04 Boosted Revenue Generation
  • Enabled cross-selling and upselling opportunities through improved data visibility and CRM analytics.
  • Increased pull revenue due to operational efficiencies and streamlined sales processes.
05 Optimized Business Metrics
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing faster responses and personalized services.
  • Enhanced accuracy of account forecasting, leading to more informed decision-making and better resource allocation.
06 Empowered Strategic Decision-Making
  • Provided real-time visibility into customer reach-outs, enabling proactive customer engagement and relationship management.
  • Enabled data-driven insights for strategic planning and business growth initiatives.
07 Fostered Innovation and Agility
  • Enabled the adoption of new technologies and best practices in CRM and sales management.
  • Empowered the organization to adapt quickly to market changes and customer demands.

MINDSPRINT's comprehensive Salesforce integration transformed the customer's CRM operations, driving efficiency, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction across the organization.

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