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Integrated SAP solution enabling coffee production large enough to fill a swimming pool!

In a nutshell

MINDSPRINT successfully streamlined operations for a customer and created an efficient ecosystem in its Soluble Coffee facility through the implementation of various SAP software solutions, including SAP ECC, CMS, Easy Export, and CTRM. This initiative covered finance, material management, production planning, quality management, warehouse management, plant maintenance, and sales and distribution.

The impact

Notal Fiscal is now available for seamless electronic invoicing in procurement, stock transfers, and sales to the SEFAZ Govt site.

Optimized Handling Unit management via integrated Warehouse management, Production, and Sales processes. 

Streamlined warehouse ops via Android-based FIORI solution on mobiles.

All products and equipment are assigned barcoded labels which are directly printed from SAP.

Getting into the details

About the client

Our customer offers sustainable, natural, value-added food products and ingredients so that consumers can enjoy the healthy and indulgent products they love. It consists of industry-leading businesses of cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices. Soluble Coffee Management was ready to embark on a caffeinated journey. They aimed to set up a state-of-the-art facility dedicated solely to producing soluble coffee in Brazil to cater to the growing need for instant coffee.

SAP Solution Empowers Instant Coffee

MINDSPRINT’s goal was to streamline operations and create an efficient ecosystem, creating efficiency in every step of the journey towards growth and transformation.

We undertook a vast project that involved implementing various software systems, including SAP ECC, CMS, Easy Export, and CTRM. The SAP modules were introduced to support the operations of the Soluble Coffee facility, including Finance, Controlling, Material Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Warehouse Management, Plant Maintenance, and Sales and distribution. To manage the complexities of the transactions in the Soluble Coffee plant, we thoughtfully implemented a Warehouse Management System (WMS) within SAP. This solution ensured the smooth handling of all transfers, inventory management, and internal sales.

We reached a significant milestone internally with the introduction of Internal Sales, where the Green Coffee and Soluble Coffee businesses collaborated to establish agreed prices, facilitating seamless transactions. We developed an innovative solution across CMS, Easy Export, and SAP that handled the data flows without triggering tax notifications that are not required for internal sales.

Further streamlining procurement, we automated the Goods Receipt Note (GRN) for Internal procurement, referenced to sales from Green Coffee, alleviating manual efforts and expediting the supply chain.

With the implementation of the Weigh Bridge solution, we accurately measured and recorded all inbound and outbound shipments, ensuring control, efficiency, and transparency in the logistics process.

We also optimized processes and enabled better inventory management by directly printing Barcoded Labels for all products and equipment from SAP. This simple yet effective solution enhanced traceability and reduced the risk of errors.

“We were taking warehouse management to a new level by integrating it with Production and Sales processes. This synergy allowed for a seamless warehouse operation with Handling Unit solutions, and we introduced an Android-based FIORI solution for warehouse operations to empower the team with real-time information, improving efficiency on the shop floor”, says Amit Jain, SAP leader for MINDSPRINT.

We integrated a Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution, a MINDSPRINT Enterprise IT solution with SAP for business, heralding a new era of managing sales and risk with greater precision and insights. We strategically transferred Soluble Goods to the Green Coffee plant to optimize tax before shipping them to customers. We enabled the Transfer option, facilitating the seamless transfer of material, batch, and handling unit information from Stock Transfer Inbound to Sales Outbound.

“With MINDSPRINT's harmonious collaboration between our dedicated team and SAP's cutting-edge technology, we have successfully achieved our mission in Brazil. This SAP project has not only streamlined our operations but has also paved the way for an efficient ecosystem, enabling efficiency at every turn on our journey towards growth and transformation. By implementing a comprehensive suite of SAP solutions, including ECC, CMS, Easy Export, and CTRM, we've fortified our Soluble Coffee facility with the vital tools for success across various functions”. added Amit Jain, SAP leader for MINDSPRINT

In compliance with Brazilian regulations, we implemented a comprehensive taxation solution for all Procurement, Stock transfer, and sales transactions, streamlining the tax-related processes and ensuring regulatory adherence. The Soluble Coffee Plant also embraced Plant Maintenance with the help of a mobile application, efficiently mapping and managing all essential business processes, including shutdown maintenance, breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, calibration, and refurbishment.

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