Impact Story


Empowering Success with a digital integration platform

In a nutshell

Our client is a leading global supplier of food and beverage ingredients with revenues of more than $11B. The commercial team of one of their key product platforms faced several challenges as they were using a complex order execution process (deal to delivery), such as low visibility of deals status, high processing time, and lack of ownership between teams.


We redesigned the client's order execution process and implemented a dynamic, integrated digital platform, called LOCATE.


This single window platform serves as a primary source of data repository, enables a high level of automation and is capable of managing multiple sub-processes within the value chain.

The impact

2,500+ orders seamlessly executed annually

100% visibility on the status of each order until delivery and invoicing completion

More than 25% efficiency gains across the value chain

Single source of truth for audit compliance from deal to delivery

Data entry duplication eliminated through effective system integration, using SAP, Ocean Insights, etc.

What our clients say
This solution makes the process robust, efficient, controlled and more importantly, time-bound.
Sr. Vice President, and Sr. Business Unit Head, USA,
LOCATE significantly improves our execution and save a lot of time for the team.
President and Business Unit Head, USA,
Getting into the details

About the client

The client is a $11B global leader offering good quality food products, beverage ingredients, and solutions. It has widespread operations across 49+ countries with 110+ manufacturing facilities. Their business operations involve sourcing, processing, and distributing food ingredients and agricultural commodities to a global customer base by offering a secure supply of traceable and sustainable ingredients.

The problem

Complex supply chain order execution process

1) Owing to the complex nature of a critical order execution process, one of the commercial teams of the client’s key product platforms was facing significant challenges. Such as,

  • Lack of visibility of their deals statuses
  • Higher processing time resulting in increased turnaround,
  • Lack of ownership between teams
  • Lower customer satisfaction


2) The complex process environment led to a direct impact in meeting their sales strategy, inefficient cost structure and sub-par customer outcomes.

3) Additionally, there were other challenges too that affected overall efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  • Missing definitive timelines for various processes
  • Non-standardized and highly people-dependent processes
  • Manual tracking and multiple follow-ups for updates on production, stock, scheduling/delivery, and document readiness
  • Lack of visibility on all possible delays resulting in growing customer dissatisfaction
  • Non-availability of critical business outcome indicators to measure success parameters e.g., On time in full (OTIF), On time invoicing, stock allocation, etc.

Our solution

The thought process: Build an integrated digital platform to provide a single window view into the entire supply chain, and help manage multiple sub-processes.

01 LOCATE, one platform for multiple sub-processes

MINDSPRINT helped redesign the order execution process from deal to delivery and implemented their dynamic and integrated digital platform LOCATE.


This single window platform has a standard integrated workflow and intuitive interface that manages and governs multiple sub-processes within the value chain. 

02 Redundancies eliminated with automation

The integration capabilities within LOCATE  has helped the customer to eliminate redundancies through Lean and 6 Sigma methodologies thus achieving higher levels of automation in terms of data feed to manage real-time reporting across various systems, including:

  • ERP
  • 3P apps
  • portals
03 Comprehensive deal to delivery view

This solution provides a comprehensive view, from deal-level sourcing to delivery, including claims and settlements, and serves as a single source of data repository to manage the entire communication flow enabling quicker responses to customer queries and enhanced customer experience.

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