Impact Story


Boosting Organizational Effectiveness with Active Employee Feedback, leveraging Gen-AI


MINDSPRINT addressed the challenge of analyzing real-time sentiments on company review platforms by developing customized web-crawlers to fetch data from websites like AmbitionBox and Glassdoor. They built specialized Data Marts for different internal functions and domains, and used Gen-AI to identify sentiment drivers and eliminate human biases. By enhancing the frequency of sentiment analysis and linking reviews to relevant organizational functions for swift action, MINDSPRINT created user-friendly dashboards that provided clear, actionable insights, significantly improving the client's ability to respond to the feedback effectively.

The impact

Analyzed over 1,000+ reviews, providing actionable insights 

Seamlessly linked data from over 2 source systems, enhancing decision-making

Generated over 10+ detailed reports, leading to strategic improvements

Effectively served over 5+ business units, driving targeted improvements across the organization

Getting into the details

MINDSPRINT took on the challenge of real-time sentiment analysis on company review platforms as an internal project. By increasing the frequency of sentiment analysis and correlating reviews with relevant internal organizational functions, MINDSPRINT created user-friendly dashboards that provided actionable insights.

How MINDSPRINT Transformed Employee Feedback into Organizational Success

MINDSPRINT aimed to transform the customer's approach to analyzing employee feedback by developing a comprehensive, real-time solution. The key objectives included:

01 Real-Time Data Collection


Custom web-crawlers were designed to traverse review platforms like AmbitionBox and Glassdoor, ensuring real-time data retrieval.

02 Targeted Data Analysis


Specific Data Marts were built to categorize data by functionality and domain, allowing for precise analysis.

03 Bias-Free Sentiment Analysis


Leveraging Gen-AI, MINDSPRINT identified the drivers behind both positive and negative sentiments, effectively removing human biases from the analysis.

04 Enhanced Analysis Frequency


By increasing the frequency and periodicity of sentiment analysis, MINDSPRINT ensured that feedback was continuously monitored and acted upon.

05 Actionable Insights


Sentiment classifications were linked to appropriate functions within the organization, enabling prompt and targeted actions.

06 User-Friendly Dashboards


The development of intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboards provided specific data insights, facilitating better decision-making and strategic planning.

Overall, MINDSPRINT's goal was to enhance organizational effectiveness by enabling active engagement with the employee feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and responsiveness.

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