MINDSPRINT Wins Data Analytics Award with NASA-Powered AI

Harnessing the potential of NASA's satellite imagery to develop an actionable AI-powered platform tailored for the food and agri industry, resulting in crop insights that are beneficial to both organizations and smallholder farmers? Sounds about the kind of work that wins you a global accolade! MINDSPRINT is the proud winner of the Best Use Case of Data Analytics of the Year 2023 at the Middle East AI & Analytics Conference in Doha.



A proud moment for us as we explore what's beyond possible and a testament for the remarkable work accomplished by our super-charged team. Receiving the award on behalf of MINDSPRINT are Sidhartha Samal, Arun Raghuraman, and Venkat L, who also engaged with numerous leaders in Data, AI & Analytics who are driving transformative shifts across the Middle East. "Data is the new oil" resonates powerfully in the region.