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MINDSPRINT Embraces Cloud-First ERP Strategy with SAP GROW, for its business acceleration

MINDSPRINT, the differentiated digital technology and business solutions partner to global businesses through talent, technology, and insights-driven services today announced that it has selected the GROW with SAP solution to optimize internal processes for sustainable growth.


GROW with SAP is an SAP offering designed to support midsize organisations to harness the proven benefits of cloud ERP, with customers immediately able to adopt pre-configured best practices as well as embedded AI and automation capabilities. By implementing GROW with SAP, MINDSPRINT will take full advantage of cloud ERP to unlock agility, streamline its operations, and gain actionable insights.


The GROW with SAP offering will help MINDSPRINT ensure effective margin management by aligning the right resources with projects, leading to on-time delivery and optimal profitability. This will help it gain instant visibility into project costs and profitability, enabling quick data-driven decisions, procurement control, working capital management, and profitability optimization. GROW with SAP simplifies financial management and allows for robust governance and compliance enabling MINDSPRINT to serve its clients better and scale its business.



Dharmender Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer, of MINDSPRINT, said, "The decision to adopt GROW with SAP marks a significant milestone in our pursuit of customer-obsession. We are dedicated to creating purpose-built digital solutions that will help global enterprises prepare for the future. We believe that this flexibility to define our processes and automate them will result in faster 'time to value,' improved resource utilization, and will empower our team to deliver exceptional results for our clients."




Verena Siow, President & Managing Director, of Southeast Asia at SAP, said, “Businesses today are faced with the volatility of economies, ever-changing consumer behavior, shifting markets, access to raw materials, shipping, and more. With GROW with SAP, MINDSPRINT will be powered by a cloud compliant, modern, flexible ERP that can be updated, and scaled simply.”


MINDSPRINT will also be able to tap into industry best practices that power the world’s leading companies, gain greater governance and visibility into their operations, while benefiting from a unifying and data-driven approach to process analysis and improve decision-making to future-proof their business,” added Siow.


MINDSPRINT anticipates a range of business benefits from this collaboration, including integrated Cloud ERP with a modern UX, intelligent applications with machine learning integration, faster time-to-staff, enhanced resource utilization, superior customer experiences, and robust governance and compliance. This transformation facilitates MINDSPRINT's commitment to agility, flexibility, and customer-centricity in an ever-evolving industry landscape. 




MINDSPRINT’s purpose is to reimagine business with talent, technology, and insights-driven services. With a proven record of enabling global organizations in their business and technology transformation journey, MINDSPRINT is a leading provider of purpose-built industry-first digital solutions and services. MINDSPRINT offers a broad spectrum of solutions and services, and our capabilities include Data and Analytics, Product Engineering, Cloud-Native Development, Generative AI, SAP Transformation, Business Processes, Cybersecurity, and Automation as a Service.


A Great Place to Work Certified™ company, MINDSPRINT is headquartered in Singapore with a presence in India (Chennai and Bengaluru), the U.S, and the UK.